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Options Activity Service provides opportunities to develop skills and experience meaningful  activities for people with learning disabilities and Autistic Spectrum Disorders through horticultural and a range of activities within a home setting or at our location at Woodford Northants.

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Options Activity Service offer sessions of various lengths and time of day dependant on the customer needs. Recreational social events are organised to bring fun to everyone. Options Activity Service sessions accommodate customers who require smaller group sizes.
The sessions can be for companies who are looking for exclusive use for their needs, individuals who require exclusive use of the facility and for group sessions.

Options Activity Service is flexible, initiative and fun. We believe that through activities and therapeutic techniques, learning and progression can happen in a positive way for a life long journey of development and enjoyment.

Options Activity Service focus is positive, productive, progress for all building links Options Activity Service believes that learning new skills should not have limits and new skills can be learnt, build community links and works with customers to maintain existing skills and progress in a safe, supportive, and fun environment.

Our location

The locations and sessions can used for individual customers who are joining a group session, customers who require exclusive use of the area or care providers to book for their customers to use as a company.

Oak Hill farm Woodford.
Options Activity Service occupies and acre of land where horticulture sessions are held. There is a poly tunnel, chickens, vegetable beds, fruit cages , open space to carry out sport activities and animals to interact with. The area is secure and is exclusive to OAS. This allows for customers to access a location where complex needs can be managed to ensure positive experience.
Fun days are also held here such festive activities which involve fun games, hunts, and sports.
At Oak Hill we also have access to a set a side which provide an exclusive secure walking route away from roads and other variables which customers may find difficult.

Options Activity Service also accesses identified places of interest for learning and recreational enjoyment.

Customer location based activities.

In addition to location based activities Options Activity Service can provide the activity sessions in a customer’s home environment including residential homes and supported living environments. We recognise that not everyone wishes to access a different location and that activities within their home environment meets their needs.
We can work with individual customers and care providers to create productive meaningful activities. Options Activity Service can support horticultural activities in customer’s gardens, food prep, festive and seasonal activities, access to the community.
We believe that meaningful, skill building activities shouldn’t be restricted to one location.

Current Activities

  • Horticulture
  • Planting, sowing seeds and plants, developing your own area to grow chosen produce.
  • Maintenance of the area which includes digging, weeding, mowing, and other maintenance skills.
  • Engaging with nature, building environments to encourage and maintain nature at the field, surveys, etc
  • Harvesting produce that has been grown distributing to food banks.
  • Walks discovering the local area.
  • Seasonal and festive celebrations and fun.
  • Sports days.

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